The Town of Carolina Beach is please to offer this exciting new service to all of its residents wishing to pay their bills and also receive their bills electronically.  This is a safe and free service that is being offered by the town and we look forward to having many residents using this new system. 
Listed below are directions that you may print from your browser on how to register your account, view and pay your bill.  All you need is a copy of your paper bill to register and a credit or debit card to pay online.  To receive your bill electronically, all you will need is a valid e-mail account. 

1.  You will enter the site one of two ways by typing into your 
     internet browser either: and then
    clicking on the Pay Bill link, or by accessing the site directly at

2.  Once you have reached the actually bill pay site, you will want
     to use the 'Register Here' link to register your account.  It is
     very important that you have a copy of your water bill infront
     of you when you do this as you will need to enter in your
     information exactly as it appears on your water bill.  For
     example:  If your address is “100 Anywhere Street” on your
     bill, you cannot signup for this service if you type in
     “100 Anywhere St.“  Abbreviations are not reconized by this
     system.  The purpose of this is to make certain that the correct
     residents are registered with their correct addresses in the
     system.  So, please be sure to type in this information correctly
     or you will get a response telling you that you have

3.  Once you have registered your account and the system says
you are now registered then you will be able to view your bill
     and pay online.  Once you have registered the next step is to
     login using the user name and password you selected during
     the registering process.  This will be your identifier, so do not
     loose or forget this information because your account can only
     be registered to one user at a time, so if you forget you will
     have to click on the link to request this information, you cannot
simply just re-register that same account.  This is done for
     security purposes.

4.  After entering your username and password into the boxes you
     will then see your bill.  Upon reviewing your bill you will then
     click on the 'PAY BILL' button on the right.

5.  Once you click on the 'PAY BILL' button then you will be
     instructed to enter your credit or debit cards information. 
     Again, please enter this information in just as your credit or
     debit card statement says to avoid any problems with the
     processing of your bill.  You will also need to have your actual
     card infront of you because you will need to enter the CVV2
     number on the back of the card.  This is usually a 3-digit
     number that is used as added security and identifies that
    specific card.

6.  Once you have entered in all information and double checked it
     for accuracy, you will then need to click make payment.  This
     will then authorize your card for the amount of your bill, or
     whatever amount you have requested.  You will then be
     returned a confirmation and will need to print this for your


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